Create Summer Slushies With Aromhuset Zero Drink Concentrate

Craft refreshing summer slushies using this Aromhuset Zero drink concentrate! This innovative drink helps people control how much sugar they consume without compromising flavor, with vibrant tropical fruit flavors to please guests and satisfy thirst. Furthermore, green tea extract is included to increase antioxidant intake!

Aromhuset understands that what matters most when choosing beverages is how they’re created, rather than just how much sugar they contain. That’s why they utilize natural ingredients and no artificial sweeteners such as Acesulfame; their drinks concentrate can meet most cravings for traditional cola drinks as well as refreshing ones.

Sugar free slushie mix is perfect for bars and restaurants alike as well as parties at home, thanks to a convenient dosage pump that makes creating energy-boosting soda drinks simple and straightforward! Furthermore, its concentrate can also be combined with other Aromhuset soda syrups for exciting combinations of fresh fruit flavors!

Aromhuset Zero Indian Tonic flavor is delicious on its own as a low-cal thirst quencher, but also makes an ideal blank canvas for cocktail creation. Pairs well with classic G&T cocktails as well as being enhanced by adding herbs or spices for unique mixology experiences! Additionally, this concentrate is vegan- and gluten-free so as to accommodate guests with various dietary restrictions!