Aromhuset Zero Mixology Concentrate and Mixology Tips

Aromhuset Zero drink concentrate and mixology tips

Mixology concentrate is an ideal choice for those who wish to advance their cocktail making skills, providing all of the flavor without the alcohol content. Available online or at local liquor stores, mixology concentrate comes complete with detailed recipes and tips on creating amazing cocktails.

Mixology entails mixing equal parts spirit, sugar, bitters and water into crave-worthy cocktails that are perfectly balanced. In order to successfully mix drinks like this one it’s crucial to have all of the tools of trade available to you, such as measuring instruments such as jiggers and muddlers; these will enable precise measurements which result in delicious drinks every time!

At times, other ingredients can help round out a drink’s flavors beyond spirits, bitters and sugar alone. Fresh juices, simple syrups and herbs and spices all play their parts to add some zest. Mixologists may even employ specialty items as garnishes that help enhance flavor enhancement in their drinks.

Sam Ross, an esteemed bartender who has pioneered many of today’s mixology trends, created this lovely mezcal-based whiskey sour variation! Simply combine all ingredients in a shaker filled with ice and stir five or six times before straining into a cocktail glass with grapefruit twist. Enjoy!